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At one neo-Nazi metal anniversary in Milan, Italy in April of 2019, corpuscle phones and cameras weren’t accustomed inside. But that wasn’t the case in December 2019 in Kyiv, Ukraine, at the anniversary Asgardsrei event, which is the neo-Nazi atramentous metal music anniversary that’s fabricated the Ukrainian basic home back 2015.

Funny Irish Tattoos On Arm | Tattooshunt

Funny Irish Tattoos On Arm | Tattooshunt | irish tattoos flag

This meant that admirers of civic left-wing atramentous metal (NSBM) bands from all over Europe and aloft could get photo and video souvenirs of their favourite Nazi-praising performers in action. Yet by announcement and announcement these souvenirs on accessible amusing media profiles, abnormally Instagram, they additionally gave us a window into Kyiv’s Hitler-saluting, Sieg-Heil-ing, Nazi-promoting December attitude that is the Asgardsrei festival.

Asgardsrei, as this columnist declared in an commodity for Haaretz afore the event, is a anniversary of civic left-wing atramentous metal (NSBM) that takes abode every December in Kyiv, Ukraine. Started originally in Moscow by Russian far-right agitator Alexey Levkin, Asgardsrei confused with Levkin to Ukraine in 2014 back he larboard Russia to action with the Azov Battalion (Levkin charcoal complex with the Azov movement). This year’s anniversary took abode December 13 (Friday) through 15 (Sunday), 2019.

Five years on, Levkin’s Asgardsrei is a basic on the far-right agreeable agenda and an all-embracing meetup not aloof for admirers of NSBM, but additionally a abode for all-embracing far-right extremists to accumulate and arrangement in an ambiance far added accessible to their attendance than in abounding added countries.

Finding out what Asgardsrei attendees were up to isn’t a difficult task. As the accident continued on, abounding users with accessible Instagram accounts aggregate belief — acting videos or photos that abandon afterwards 24 hours — forth with photos and videos of their adventures at Asgardsrei. Over the advance of the weekend and in the canicule afterwards the festival, Bellingcat followed and arrested consistently on the hashtags #asgardsrei and #asgardsrei2019, occasionally additionally attractive at hashtags featuring the bands’ names (e.g., #goatmoon). We additionally did the aforementioned for the area of the concert accident (Kyiv’s Bingo Club, the armpit of abounding far-right concerts). 

This action meant we were able to download and screenshot about all accessible Instagram posts from the event, application simple apps accessible on adaptable phones to download Instagram stories, photos and video afore they could be deleted or removed. In addition, to try and abduction as abounding posts as accessible that were not hashtagged or tagged with the concert location, we manually arrested and looked at the profiles of users who acquaint from the accident or were tagged in posts by added users. Added posts Bellingcat begin on accessible Telegram channels.

This year’s Asgardsrei featured a alloyed aggressive arts (MMA) “fight night” that took abode afore the concert kicked off. The MMA accident took abode at Mala Opera, a area endemic by the Kyiv burghal administration.

Photos and video from the MMA accident actualization the logo of White Rex, a far-right MMA advance and accouterment cast run by Kyiv-based Russian neo-Nazi Denis Nikitin (also accepted as Kapustin), arresting in the average of the ring.

A screenshot from an Instagram adventure at Asgardsrei’s “fightnight” assuming the White Rex logo in the average of the arena and branding from action advance Parimatch

Photos and videos additionally actualization branding from Parimatch on the ring. Parimatch is the “Official Action and Wagering Partner” of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) beyond continental Europe, the Average East, and Africa.

A screenshot from an Instagram adventure at Asgardsrei’s “fight night” assuming branding from action advance Parimatch

There is no adumbration that Parimatch sponsored the accident in any way or accustomed their logo actuality acclimated in this context. However, the actualization of their branding at an accident hosted by a far-right accumulation is apropos in agreement of allowance boilerplate a far-right-affiliated event.

There additionally was allegedly no affair with the accident actuality hosted in a area endemic by the Kyiv burghal administration. In an Instagram column that was anon deleted, the organizers of Asgardsrei claimed that “a adopted announcer was aggravating absolutely adamantine to put burden on the venue” — allegedly a advertence to the columnist of this allotment who wrote in Haaretz about the actuality the area was state-owned — “but back the guy in the administering heard his adventure he was like: “F*ck those liberals, you accept my blooming light.” It’s cryptic whether the “administration” referred to is the area or an alone in Kyiv burghal administering itself.

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A now-deleted Instagram column from December 14 from Asgardsrei organizers.

On Arm Usa And Ireland Flag Motivational Irish Tattoo - irish tattoos flag

On Arm Usa And Ireland Flag Motivational Irish Tattoo – irish tattoos flag | irish tattoos flag

There was, apparently, declared to be added on action Friday night afore the concert. According to a analysis of Asgardsrei 2019, appear on American white nationalist Greg Johnson’s website, German neo-Nazi Hendrik Möbus was declared to accord a address as he had afore at a baby appointment afore Asgardsrei 2018. Möbus, a bedevilled assassin and architect of the German neo-Nazi bandage Absurd, was reportedly chock-full aggravating to leave Germany and was not accustomed to access Ukraine. 

In addition, addition “review” appear December 30 by German neo-Nazi affair Der Dritte Weg (“The Third Way”), continued affable with the Azov movement, claimed that “a brace of activists from our affair and added nationalists who capital to biking to Kyiv were bedfast at the airport” in Germany, and added claimed that some accustomed biking bans from German authorities.

The concert itself featured performances from added than a dozen bands associated with the NSBM scene, from Finland’s Goatmoon and Greece’s Wodulf to Kyiv-based, Russian-rooted act M8L8TH, fronted by Asgardsrei organizer Alexey Levkin. As abundant in Haaretz, these bands affection aboveboard pro-Nazi, anti-Semitic lyrics, from songs like Goatmoon’s “Way of the Holocaust Winds” and Seigneur Voland’s “Sur les ruines et les cendres de Sion” (“On the charcoal and ashes of Zion”) to Selbstmord’s “Aryan Voice of Hatred” anthology with lyrics like “The angelic chase – war/In the Honour of our White race/Hatred to the enemies, built-in pride/Aryan claret runs all the time.”

Also assuming was Levkin’s ancillary activity “AKVLT” — or, added accurately, Adolfkvlt. The project’s audience bandage from 2013 actualization a photo of Hitler on the awning and was apprenticed to 88 copies; 88 is neo-Nazi cipher for “Heil Hitler.”

Asgardsrei organizers apropos to “Adolfkvlt” as “A*******T” on an Instagram column announcement their performance

“AKVLT” additionally performed at “Fuhrernacht” in May 2019, a clandestine night of authentic Hitler worship.

The chantry with a photo of Adolf Hitler and a Nazi banderole at Wotanjugend’s “Fuhrernight” in May 2019

Despite the adumbration acclimated by these bands and others, swastika flags are banned at Asgardsrei, concert organizer Alexey Levkin told Haaretz. To that end, Bellingcat did not see any swastika flags in any photos accessible from Asgardsrei 2019. If Levkin’s affirmation is absolutely accurate, this is acutely a new action for 2019, as during December 2018 this columnist begin and adored assorted now-deleted Instagram photos assuming swastika flags, including one acquaint by a chief affiliate from Azov’s abstract club. 

A now-deleted photo from a December 2018 Instagram adventure from Serhiy Zaikovsky, a chief amount at the Azov movement’s abstract club, Plomin. The photo is from Asgardsrei 2018. The argument reads “Heil Hitler” in deliberately-misspelled Ukrainian (“Gitlar”)

A now-deleted Instagram column from December 2018 assuming a swastika banderole at Asgardsrei 2018, afore an credible ban on swastika flags was alien for Asgardsrei 2019

Despite the credible ban, there was still abounding neo-Nazi, white abolitionist adumbration on affectation at Asgardsrei, from Celtic crosses, to atramentous suns, and more. 

Celtic cantankerous flags and an attendee cutting a shirt with a Celtic cantankerous and the byword “White Pride World Wide”

The Celtic cantankerous was alike arresting on official aegis badges beat by bodies alive for the festival.

Irish Flag Tattoos - Images, Pictures -Tattoos Hunter - irish tattoos flag

Irish Flag Tattoos – Images, Pictures -Tattoos Hunter – irish tattoos flag | irish tattoos flag

“Don’t fool around” An alone alive aegis at Asgardsrei with a cast featuring a Celtic cross, a accepted white abolitionist symbol

An attendee cutting a “Heil Hitler” bodice with the adage of the SS aloft it

Sokyra Peruna’s Arseniy Bilodub, featured in our analysis into the mainstreaming of Ukraine’s far right, fabricated an actualization at Asgardsrei, actualization on date to accord vocals at one point and additionally announcement a alive anthology from his bandage from its achievement at addition neo-Nazi concert at the aforementioned area in June 2019.

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Sokyra Peruna’s Arseniy Bilodub (left), who accent the “Veterans Strong” concert featured in our analysis into Ukraine’s far-right and veterans’ movements

As well, while swastika flags ability be banned, swastika tattoos acutely are not, as Goatmoon’s guitarist approved for the additional year in a row.

A photo of Goatmoon’s performance, assuming guitar amateur (far-right in photo) with a swastika tattoo

Swastikas are additionally allegedly accept at “Militant Zone,” the boutique and almanac characterization run by Levkin and others based at the Azov movement’s Cossack House. A column on the Telegram approach of Wotanjugend, a apart neo-Nazi movement of Levkin and others in Ukraine, in August 2019 appear swastika pendants on affectation axial what they alleged the “updated interior” of their boutique at Azov’s axial Kyiv lair. The column has back been deleted.

A photo from a column on Wotanjugend’s Telegram approach announcement the “Militant Store” axial Azov’s Cossack House in axial Kyiv, area swastika pendants (in the white circle) are acutely visible

There’s added Nazi apologue in this boutique than swastikas, however. In addition Telegram column afterwards Asgardsrei, Wotanjugend acquaint several photos of some post-Asgardsrei items for sale, mostly commodity announcement bands who played the festival. Additionally in the photos, however, are two baby busts of Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler’s agent fuhrer until 1941 and a admired amount amid neo-Nazis.

A photo acquaint by Wotanjugend in December 2019 assuming busts of Nazi amount Rudolf Hess axial the “Militant Zone” boutique in Azov’s Cossack House

Another accepted neo-Nazi burden is the atramentous sun, acclimated frequently by not alone the Azov movement but by the Christchurch shooter, who featured the attribute on the awning of his agitator acclamation (one that was translated into Ukrainian by, as we altercate below, by an Asgardsrei attendee) It’s a attribute frequently acclimated by the far-right and is acclimatized from a circuitous on the attic on the SS Generals’ Hall. It wasn’t adamantine to acquisition at Asgardsrei.

A screenshot from an Instagram video assuming attendees captivation a Wotanjugend banderole with a atramentous sun during M8L8TH’s performance

A atramentous sun banderole captivated by two attendees (one cutting a Wotanjugend shirt and the added a sweatshirt from Arseniy Bilodub’s “Svastone” far-right appearance brand). The argument acquaint in Russian is a adaptation of the “Horst-Wessel-Lied,” the official Nazi affair canticle that actualization lyrics like “millions are attractive aloft the swastika abounding of hope”

American Eagle With Us And Irish Flag Tattoos On Back - irish tattoos flag

American Eagle With Us And Irish Flag Tattoos On Back – irish tattoos flag | irish tattoos flag

Concert attendees did far added than aloof sing forth to their favourite Nazi tunes. There are abundant photos and videos from Asgardsrei of attendees giving Nazi salutes during performances and alfresco the concert itself.

Hitler salutes during Goatmoon’s performance, acquaint on Instagram by user “unholy_witch”

During Goatmoon’s performance, attendees chanted “Heil!” at the vocalist’s urging.

In one video acquaint afterwards the aboriginal day of Asgardsrei had ended, a cardinal of attendees beam and accord Nazi salutes to addition filming them, all while chanting “Sieg Heil.”

Users additionally acquaint about their campaign in Kyiv during Asgardsrei. Bellingcat begin several admirers who acquaint photos from axial the Azov movement’s Cossack House, a multi-story “social centre” aloof off Kyiv’s axial Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square).

Asgardsrei attendees announcement from axial Azov’s Cossack House, in the building’s lobby. Others who accept acquaint photos of themselves in advanced of this aforementioned lit-up logo accommodate Mark Jones of Civic Action, the British neo-Nazi accumulation banned as a agitator alignment in the UK back 2016

Another beholden Asgardsrei attendee was addition who has appear assorted afterlife threats directed at Bellingcat agents (we will not name his Telegram channel). A antecedent Bellingcat analysis showed how the approach ambassador had translated and awash apprenticed Ukrainian-language translations of the Christchurch shooter’s manifesto. Despite acrimony from New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and promises from Ukrainian authorities to arraign anyone affairs the manifesto, the approach ambassador has back allegedly awash out of Ukrainian translations and confused on to advertise album Russian-language translations of the manifesto. 

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In November 2019, the approach ambassador acquaint photos of their tickets to Asgardsrei and apprenticed approach followers to attend. They added that they were activity to “Sieg Heil” to their admired M8L8TH song, the bandage fronted by Asgardsrei organizer Alexey Levkin. That song, “Tears of Autumn,” praises SS Lieutenant General and organizer of the absorption affected arrangement Theodor Eicke, who died in Ukraine in 1943, and actualization lyrics like “You are in our hearts, Führer and his Volk.” According to the analysis of Asgardsrei 2019 appear on American white nationalist and acquaintance of Azov Greg Johnson’s Counter-Currents, M8L8TH absolutely played that song during their set.

After Asgardsrei, the approach ambassador acquaint adjoin the accident in Ukrainian and English. “Thanks to everybody who visited Asgardsrei 2019,” they wrote on the Monday morning afterwards Asgardsrei. “White brothers from all over the Europe (sic) had an alarming time, fabricated new accompany and met old ones, aboriginal time in abounding years.”

“Sieg Heil!” the column concludes, forth with a acknowledge you to neo-Nazi Wotanjugend for acclimation the event.

The abutting accident on the all-embracing far-right music agenda isn’t in Ukraine; there will be concerts in France (February 2020) and Italy (April 2020) afore the abutting big actualization in Kyiv. In May 2020 Sokyra Peruna’s Bilodub will be teaming up with Levkin and company’s “Militant Zone” to host the two-day “Fortress Europe” festival.

An advertisement for “Fortress Europe” in Kyiv in May 2020, featuring a cardinal of neo-Nazi bands

While the calendar is still incomplete, bands already slated to accomplish in Kyiv accommodate Italian bandage Bronson, affiliated with the neo-fascist CasaPound movement, German “National Left-wing hardcore” (or hatecore) bandage Path of Resistance and anti-Semitic Slovak bandage Krátky Proces, whose above accompanist ran for far-right agitator Marian Kotleba’s affair in 2016 elections in Slovakia. Of course, both Bilodub and Levkin’s bands, Sokyra Peruna and M8L8TH, will be arena too, and some of the aforementioned admirers who acquaint photos from Asgardsrei will acceptable be accomplishing so from Fortress Europe.

8+ Amazing Irish Flag Tattoos - irish tattoos flag

8+ Amazing Irish Flag Tattoos – irish tattoos flag | irish tattoos flag

Levkin and others accept already started planning abutting year’s Asgardsrei. On their Facebook annual they accept asked admirers to advice baddest the best weekend for the abutting Asgardsrei in December 2020, and claiming that a “stellar headliner” for Asgardsrei 2020 will be appear in January.

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