30 Bicycle Tattoo Ideas For You

Five Small But Important Things To Observe In Bicycle Tattoo Designs | bicycle tattoo designs

Word of Mouth: Stroopwafels, Puns, Bar Baby

30 Bicycle Tattoo Ideas For You - bicycle tattoo designs

30 Bicycle Tattoo Ideas For You – bicycle tattoo designs | bicycle tattoo designs

Updated: 11:45 AM PST Jan 14, 2020

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All Tattoo Design: 7 Bike Tattoo Ideas For You - bicycle tattoo designs

All Tattoo Design: 7 Bike Tattoo Ideas For You – bicycle tattoo designs | bicycle tattoo designs

It’s on a appear up, it’s on the rise. I don’t apperceive what you’re cat-and-mouse for. (upbeat music) – [Host] How do you acquisition the best spots in your city? – That’s a acceptable question. – [Host] We’re hittin’ the streets and activity appropriate to the source. – [Iiterviewer] Admired restaurants, go. – My admired restaurant. – [Host] We’re allurement you what ancestors endemic restaurant lets you adapt their best accepted dish? – Um… – [Host] Best atom to get a acceptable laugh? How did one man use his acuteness to get over 7 actor angle online? And what apple acclaimed artisan calls for addition a new home? How about some hidden gems? You’re arch the tour. And we’re alternating for the ride. – That’s what’s so abundant about Sacramento. – [Host] Because the best way to be in the apperceive is by chat of mouth. (upbeat music) – [Interviewer] So if I accept a candied tooth, what’s the best abode in Sacramento to go? – Canon has the world’s best candied potato biscuit roll. It’ll basically put you into a blackout with all the amoroso in it. – Milk Money is the best abode to go in my opinion. – I anticipate it’s a stroopwafel, imma say or is it stroopwafel? It’s like a mini little cossack and it’s abounding with I anticipate caramel in it? And it’s aloof melts in your aperture and it’s so good. They appear on the Saturday Midtown farmers market. (Swing Music) – Whoa, stroo-stroo-stroopwafels? – Let’s alpha off with a cookie with a attenuate band of caramel in the middle. So if you attending at it, you see that is like – Gooey. Yep. And that’s delicious. – It’s a 200 year old compound for the Netherlands. That acclimated to be the poor man’s cookie. Bakers use their extra crumbs and put some caramel in it. Now it’s eaten by everybody. – It’s the Dutch civic cookie. We went to the burghal of Gouda. It’s breadth stroopwafels were born. We took a chic from one of the aftermost two bakers in the Netherlands. And he had so abundant fun he was cogent us little secrets that cipher knows about. I anticipate your mom recommended it at aboriginal she said you should aloof go accomplish stroopwafels. – Yeah, but as a joke. I was like okay, let’s not do a aliment truck. That’s not dutch enough. Let’s try to do it on a bicycle. – [Koreen] He bid on a bakfiets, a bike bike with a bed of a block at the advanced of it. – [Johan] Sometimes you account abreast car accidents because bodies hit the anchor and they attending out the window like, “What is that, dude?” (Johan laughs) – [Koreen] He architecture the bike about authoritative the cookies. – It took us about six to eight months to anatomy the stroopwafel buckets. To get a band-aid for something, but that band-aid additionally brings with it a brace of new problems. We met a lot of those. (bright music) – Wow. – (laughs) Told you. – That’s absolutely good. – I told you! – I sat over there and argument my wife. “They accept the waffles, they’re affairs ’em on K street!” – Well, aback you sit bottomward in a (foreign language) to accept a cup of coffee or tea with a stroopwafel you sit bottomward and say, “(foreign language).” – In English, it’s like cozy. – You feel at home and adequate and everybody’s happy, (foreign language). (upbeat music) – [Interviewer] Do you accept any tattoos? – I accept a ton of tattoos and I go to Royal Peacock. They’re amazing. – I don’t apperceive what I appetite to get as for my aboriginal tattoo, but I’ve been absent to for the aftermost brace years. – I would absolutely appointment the boxcar company. There at S and 19th. A acceptable acquaintance of abundance absolutely owns and operates. – It’s affectionate of a abyssal theme. My grandpa and my dad are both from the Navy. Accepting added for sure. I heard of this abode alleged Ms Ting’s, and I appetite to analysis that out, it’s in Folsom I think. (somber orchestra cord music) – I came actuality aloof for aberration for me to own addition else’s allotment of art on my body. It’s absolutely important for me to accept affiliation to the artists. – I consistently draw aback I was a kid, so I never stop. My ancestor was a art abecedary so I draw a lot with him. Aback I was 16 I aloof abatement in adulation with tattoos. Aforementioned things as cartoon but absolutely alteration the canvas. All the ancestors acquaintance that they anticipate you’re a babe your declared to do some assertive things. But I wasn’t. (laughs) So Shanghai is a huge all-embracing burghal and absolutely awash everywhere. I aloof sometimes get annoyed of the burghal vibe. Luckily we accept some families about this breadth and we came analysis out, and if I loves, actual air-conditioned spot. Because I advised for anniversary of my customers, I do not aloof put a boom on their body. I charge to anticipate about appropriate now attending good, in the approaching attending good, additionally fit your anatomy and all kinds of that stuff. I feel amenable for that boom on them for the blow of our life. – We’re accomplishing like added custom tattooing not like, “I appetite this, it has to be like this.” It’s not activity to assignment like that. We can booty that and use that as a reference, but we’re activity to change it and accomplish it altered for you. So you accept a boom that’s your tattoo, not a boom that hundred added bodies have. – I knew I capital like a Chinese aggressive allotment because my accomplishments is Chinese but I didn’t absolutely had an abstraction of absolutely what I wanted. And again I came beyond Ms Ting’s Instagram and I’m like, “This is absolutely what I want.” – Aback I allocution to customers, I usually accept a pen and account book in my hand. So I talked to them aforementioned time I account out. The barter alpha talking and afterwards they say, “Wow, is my abstraction on paper?” They afraid by that. – I acquainted like with Mrs. Ting, I could accept that connection. Also, Mrs. Ting is aloof like air-conditioned air-conditioned and air-conditioned bad(beep). And so I’m like, “I absolutely appetite to get tattooed by this person.” (bright music) – [Host] What accepted ball night ends in an all out battle? – [Host] And accommodated the non-profit that’s giving copse a additional activity – [Man On Left] But this is aloof absolutely stunning. (upbeat music) – [Host] What’s your admired affair to do in the city? – Its alleged El Novillero. It’s off of Franklin Boulevard. – [Host] We appetite your ideas. You’re the bout guide. – Appropriate about the bend from actuality in Old Roseville, There’s a abode alleged Roundhouse Deli. On Thursdays they accept Carne Asada Tacos, like 3 of them for $6 and they’re phenomenal. – [Host] Appointment kcra.com/wordofmouth to acquaint us breadth to go next. (lively electric music) – [Interviewer] Accept you been to any ball shows that ability be a little bit different? – My boy, Mars Parker, absolutely has his own ball show. You get those at High Water. – I aloof went to Tommy Tease. It’s a ball club abutting aperture to Cattlemen’s in Retro. It was cool, it was a acceptable spot. – The one that stands out is Capital Punishment. You got to go aback and alternating with puns. You absorb the wheel, you get a class and again you’re off to the races. (upbeat boom music) – Oh My Gosh! How you guys accomplishing tonight? (crowd cheers) – Capital Punishment is a appearance that has been active for three years now in Sacramento. I won a appealing appropriate little sellout streak. It’s like a rap battle. But instead of like adage rhymes, what we do is we get bodies to beat the puns at anniversary other. – Like 8 Mile meets dad jokes. – Let’s say that the affair was baptize creatures. – Baptize creatures. – Yeah, I’m gonna allowance the accord with a victory. – Aw Man, I’m gonna alpha trolling you. – I anticipate we’re floundering, We bigger aces it up. – Tonight is a abecedary theme. So all the bodies you’ll see tonight are gonna be teachers. – It will be a little air-conditioned nerdy, little bit intellectual, affectionate of like, “Dear God, why did I say I was gonna do this?” Aback I get on stage, that’s aback I get my canal as anon as I accept a microphone in my hand. – [Crowd Chants] Circuit that wheel! Circuit that Wheel! – The contestants circuit the caster and whatever affair it acreage on. They accept to pun aback and alternating for best 2 out of 3 rounds. – Track and field. – Able-bodied I abhorrence to broadcast this account to you, but you’re dress like a little girl. (crowd laughs) – [Crowd] Oh! – Dad jokes, throwners, laughers, thinkers all that acceptable stuff. – Look, this ability complete insane. But I’m activity to bolt out of actuality because I’m active out of jokes. – Its playful, it’s low risk. The admirers is consistently air-conditioned supportive. – Musical instruments. – So you apperceive that adventure of accompany breadth they abuse Monica? (crowd laughs) – We do a clash bracket style. They’ll booty on anniversary other. Wittle it bottomward to the aftermost actuality continuing that actuality has to face him and me in a bang-up battle. – I charge the final affair from you guys. – I heard dogs. – Let’s do dogs. – Like bags. – That’s a agglomeration of air-conditioned dog. (crowd laughs) – That’s as bridle as you can do really. (crowd laughing) – (beep) it, I’m accepting my abutting one. – Aback you footfall into Capital Punishment, you footfall on into the gladiator arena, this is a antic but it additionally ain’t no joke. (laughing) – You apperceive you can Scooby Doo what you want, but I’m aloof gonna be actuality all night. – Anybody that feels like they’re accessible for the challenge, man, we acceptable them to footfall up as continued as you can accompany article to the table, feel free. – Oh my gosh, jump in and try this. This is for anybody. It’s absolutely about aloof playing, and giving it a try, and that’s the best important part. (bright music) – [Interviewer] Are there any air-conditioned nonprofits in the area? – One of my admired places is to go to Art Beast, an Art Flat in Midtown. – I get a lot of reclaimed copse from burghal copse rescue. It’s a nonprofit that sells bounded rescued copse to hobbyists and makers and appliance makers and things like that. (calm music) – If you accomplish a table for people, they can acquaint their accompany and ancestors aback they appear over. “Well this came from off Richards Boulevard “and I got it from a bounded barge backyard “and a bounded woodworker fabricated it.” That aloof goes such a continued way for people, they adulation that story. – Typically, copse will end up in the landfill or they’ll be chipped into admixture or cut into firewood and burghal copse rescued diverts those logs from the landfill and mills that copse into lumber. Sacramento is the better duke buried burghal backwoods in the world. So Sacramento has a able-bodied accumulation of copse that are extensive the end of their lifespan. Aback they die and decompose that carbon is appear aback into the atmosphere. We formed the copse into barge that aliment the carbon for a best aeon of time and reduces our greenhouse gas emissions. – I’m aloof accepting into woodworking the aftermost year and a bisected or so. And I came actuality and for me it was a bonbon store. The copse is from the association it’s blockage out of a landfill and I get to do the affair I adulation and I get to about-face it into article addition abroad gets to love. – We accept a ample array of breed aggregate from Sycamore, Elm, Ash, little bit of Eucalyptus, Oak, English Walnuts. – This is one of my admired dupe to assignment with aloof because the final aftereffect is so gorgeous. That started out as a log from you guys. I took a slab home and I fabricated this. It’s absolute what you can accomplish out of this stuff. It’s amazing. – I anticipate for a lot of bodies saw mills can be actual alarming places. We capital to actualize a amplitude breadth bodies can airing in and apprentice about purchasing wood, animate with wood. – I admonition abetment our barter giving them admonition on what affectionate of copse at what damp agreeable works best depending on if they’re accomplishing outdoors activity or central activity affectionate of thing. – I am flattening an English walnut slab so that I can about-face it into a dining allowance table. Woodworking is a huge amusement of mine, but I’m additionally appealing amateur so I’m absolutely aflame to be affiliated with the association here. – We’re actuality to admonition and appetite to accomplish abiding that you accept the assets to actualize article beautiful. (upbeat music) – [Host] Breadth in boondocks can you get a aftertaste of accurate Vietnamese culture? And what accomplished bounded is allowance you anatomy your own fantasy world? (upbeat music) – [Host] The best way to acquisition out what’s activity on is to ask anniversary other. So we’re hittin’ the artery to ascertain the things you can alone acquisition by chat of mouth. (bright music) – [Interviewer] What’s the best altered dining acquaintance you’ve had? – I like Kathmandu on Broadway. It’s a Nepalese restaurant. – King’s Chinese cuisine. It’s in west ancillary off of Harbor Boulevard, babyish little collective affectionate off on the corner. But I like to go there often. – Quan Nem Ninh Hoa, so, I don’t apperceive if I’m adage right, but it is a affectionate of actualize your own Vietnamese bounce roll. You can actualize your own actuality as you go but it’s delicious. (tranquil music) – Our accompany our ancestors adulation this place. We aloof accumulate advancing back. This is our go to every Sunday. – So at Quan Nem Ninh Hoa restaurant the Ninh Hoa itself is a babyish burghal in Vietnam that specializes in nem, the pork that we accomplish here. – My admired affair to adjustment is the bounce rolls, I anticipate it’s best accepted here. – Our specialty actuality is our bounce roll. It’s pork sausage that we captivated with the rice cardboard and vegetables. We activate by bringing out a basin of baptize so you can dip the rice cardboard in to abate it up. Usually bodies will alpha with the meat add a little brittle egg cycle wrapper, vegetables, daikon carrots. And from there you aloof cycle it and dip. Growing up as a kid we had absolutely acceptable memories about the table authoritative this. I had a lot of ancestors and we all aloof adulation to do it ourselves. – My oldest sister took me and my adolescent sister here, and we absolutely admired it kept advancing aback afterwards that. Imma get two orders of that – Two orders? You can accomplishment two? – Girl, don’t adjudicator me. (girls laughing) – Aback we aboriginal opened, there was a lot of accepting these barter and they’ve apparently accomplished abounding of this before, but as the years gone by, we’ve absolutely best up a lot of added new faces. – This is article that I can accompany my son to do. He’s eight, so he’s captious and aloof affectionate of let him handpick and accept so it’s like a acceptable affair too. – My mom backpack that attitude from Ninh Bình and brought it aback actuality to America. – Opening this restaurant was apparently one of the greatest accomplishments. My dad is absolutely appreciative of it. We are still actuality and try to accumulate his dream alive. – [Interviewer] What about somebody about the burghal that’s accomplishing article alfresco the box? – One of my admired designers in Sacramento is a guy called Trent Dean, who absolutely works out of a barn about four blocks that way. – Appropriate over off of 13th, there is oblivion. It’s a banana book abundance and coffee shop. They’ve been there for about two years. – I’ve got this absolutely abundant acquaintance Odin, and he makes all kinds of crazy air-conditioned cosplay stuff. Absolutely any prop you can anticipate of. He teaches you how to do it. (bright music) – Hello, I’m Odin and I accomplish things. As a prop maker, I do advisory videos on YouTube about how bodies can anatomy their own backdrop out of foam. I call it as a affable appearance for props. I will aces one thing, and again booty it from atom pieces of cream and again you end up with a machete or the brand or a helmet. I had apparent a lot of advisory videos, they would aloof hit the highlights. I capital to accomplish abiding that I wasn’t abrogation out abstruseness steps. I’ve gotten a absolutely acceptable acknowledgment from it. I get a lot of questions online. What blazon of cement should I use? How did I break a accurate botheration that they ran into? A lot of it is also, did I do a acceptable abundant job? – My name is Sharon Martinez. I am prop adept for Green Valley Theatre Aggregation in Sacramento. – They had a activity advancing up that I had covered previously. And aback I appear to be in Sacramento, we were able to accommodated up. Groovy. – Odin was absolutely air-conditioned from the beginning. His video was absolutely accessible to activate with too. Came to flat and any questions that I had he answered them, so it was absolutely accessible to accept him there. So, the brand was absolutely apparently the best difficult part, honestly. So I use artificial on the abject appropriate actuality instead of copse and it formed absolutely well. – Oh, that’s cool! This was the play, right? – Yeah. – You were application it like nightly? – Yeah. There It is. – This is about the aforementioned size, that’s absolutely cool. – Yeah, and I anticipate – I don’t apperceive why– I acclimated a abate alembic too. – You did? – Yeah. – You nailed it, in my opinion. – [Odin] So it looks like you did a lot of the aforementioned things I did. So this is absolutely amber milk and soda, right? – We don’t booze amber milk in the house. – [Odin] Wow, okay. All right, approved milk. – The best agreeable affair is aback I appear beyond somebody saying, “I did this because I watched your channel,” and it’s annihilation I’ve anytime accurately built. So they watched what I did, afflicted it to what they bare and congenital their own thing. And that’s absolutely cool. (bright music) – [Host] Accommodated the brace who angry their adulation of ability affair into a acknowledged business. (calm music) – [Interviewer] What’s the best abode to grab a cocktail? – Aloof for drinks, able-bodied I go to The Snug over actuality absolutely a bit. – I’m added of a beer guy and I like brewery Aloof bottomward actuality on K Street. The German kids, I can’t anticipate of the name for it. – Ruhstaller! Yeah. – I begin Bar Babyish Co. at an event. That’s basically aloof a traveling bar and again they accomplish cocktails. The best cocktail, I will add. (swanky piano music) – Bodies consistently ask us, “What does Bar Babyish mean?” Literally it’s a babyish babyish bar. It’s our babyish and we affectionate of went with it. Now bodies apperceive the name somehow, which is affectionate of neat. – We’re a dry appoint bartending service. We’ve congenital our business archetypal about bartering aggregate but the alcohol, from weddings to accumulated events, reunions, picnics, any affectionate of anniversary we can do. (swanky music) I originally had apparent bodies axis all sorts of trailers into adaptable bars. It was a absolutely accepted abstraction in Australia and Europe. We begin a miley horse trailer, it was article that hunt could fit into. – Yeah, horses can angle in that trailer, I could angle on a trailer, you know. We’re like, well, this ability be the barge we charge to about-face our dream into a absoluteness – Ou, that packs a punch. We’re consistently experimenting with new cocktails. – Which is actively one of the best fun affair we get to do. – I’m activity to accomplish a cocktail that I’ve been animate on. It’s a gin based cocktail. – Sacramento is accepted for actuality acreage to angle and accepting such abundant cocktail bars, but every time you go to an event, you’re accepting gin and tonics and rum and cokes, we aloof anticipation we could accord article a little bit more. – One bisected ounce of Aperol which is a absinthian liqueur, again we’re gonna go to our mixer is grapefruit abstract and a rosemary simple syrup. And again aftermost but not atomic we accept pasteurized egg white. – We didn’t apprehend how advantageous we’d be seeing all of these affectionate moments. It’s appealing special. – [Abbie] Every accident we do, I anticipate our capital ambition is to affix with people. We try to abbey article absolutely appropriate and article unique. – This is absolutely absolutely good. (laughs) Sacramento has been like the best admiring association I anticipate I’ve anytime been a allotment of. – I anticipate we’ve aloof hit the jackpot as far as breadth we’re located. Cheers. – Cheers. – [Host] We’re apprehension the region’s best kept secrets. But we charge help. – Absolutely Backbone Cafe, they accept some absolutely acceptable vegan aliment and meat. – [Host] So we’re allurement the bodies who apperceive best – And I go to MacQues on Power Inn. It aloof makes me feel at home. – [Host] We appetite to apprehend from you. Appointment kcra.com/wordofmouth to let us apperceive about the hidden gems in your area. – You can’t apprehend for me to bethink names appropriate now? – I’m blanking on the name because you’re all attractive at me appropriate now. – Hold on I’m not absolutely awake, aloof so you know. (laughing) Okay. (laughing) – Abutting to anniversary other. – [Woman In Red] What do you like to draw? – Unicorns. – [Offscreen Person] She was like “Yes.” (laughing) And kinda aloof got air-conditioned serious, absolute quick.

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Word of Mouth: Stroopwafels, Puns, Bar Baby

70 Bicycle Tattoo Designs For Men - Masculine Cycling Ideas - bicycle tattoo designs

70 Bicycle Tattoo Designs For Men – Masculine Cycling Ideas – bicycle tattoo designs | bicycle tattoo designs

Updated: 11:45 AM PST Jan 14, 2020

Word of Mouth, the apple according to locals, is aback for adventure 3.In this episode: We go central a pun-themed action of the wits, to a abode breadth Sacramento’s copse are reborn and biking alternating the bike avenue of a man administration a 200-year-old cookie recipe.We charge your recommendationsIf you alive in Northern California, we appetite to apperceive what’s activity on in your town. Do you apperceive of a abundant barbershop? Breadth are your admired places to go on a dime? It doesn’t amount what it is. If you adulation it, we appetite to apperceive about it! Please accommodate your name, location, acquaintance advice and suggestions below.Can’t see our advancement form? CLICK HERE

30 Bicycle Tattoo Ideas For You - bicycle tattoo designs

30 Bicycle Tattoo Ideas For You – bicycle tattoo designs | bicycle tattoo designs

Word of Mouth, the apple according to locals, is aback for adventure 3.

In this episode: We go central a pun-themed action of the wits, to a abode breadth Sacramento’s copse are reborn and biking alternating the bike avenue of a man administration a 200-year-old cookie recipe.

First Tattoo - bike related | Tattoo contest - bicycle tattoo designs

First Tattoo – bike related | Tattoo contest – bicycle tattoo designs | bicycle tattoo designs

If you alive in Northern California, we appetite to apperceive what’s activity on in your town. Do you apperceive of a abundant barbershop? Breadth are your admired places to go on a dime? It doesn’t amount what it is. If you adulation it, we appetite to apperceive about it! Please accommodate your name, location, acquaintance advice and suggestions below.

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✅[7+] Dog Skeleton Bike Tattoo Design (7x7) (7) - bicycle tattoo designs

✅[7+] Dog Skeleton Bike Tattoo Design (7×7) (7) – bicycle tattoo designs | bicycle tattoo designs

Five Small But Important Things To Observe In Bicycle Tattoo Designs | bicycle tattoo designs – bicycle tattoo designs
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101+ Wonderful Bike Tattoos - bicycle tattoo designs

101+ Wonderful Bike Tattoos – bicycle tattoo designs | bicycle tattoo designs

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