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In this edition: Answering some afire questions about the primary, blockage in with the applicant who’s been active best than anyone, and watching what the aboriginal applicant who alone out does next.

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Progressive Insurance PR Crisis & Twitter – Strategic .. | progressive insurance tattoo policy

I assumption John Roberts is not a big Gilbert and Sullivan fan, and this is The Trailer.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, above carnality admiral Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders at Tuesday’s Democratic debate. (Patrick Semansky/AP)

Every few months, this newsletter puts out an accessible alarm for clairvoyant questions. And this was a acceptable anniversary to do it.

For the aboriginal time, two candidates who had a admired and abiding political accord confused into a altercation and are aggravating abominably to end it. For the aftermost time, the senators gluttonous the admiral are planning a abounding weekend of advancement in Iowa; arise Tuesday, they’ll be ashore in Washington for the president’s allegation trial. 

Questions accept been agilely edited.

“I anticipate Sen. Elizabeth Warren acquainted acutely affronted by the advance calligraphy that leaked out from aboriginal states adage that she alone appeals to aristocratic Democrats. I bethink Warren blame aback adamantine and actuality agitated aback Joe Biden activated out that advance band on her a few months ago, and I admiration if audition that alike alongside from the Bernie Sanders advance may accept led to her to angular into this ‘Women can’t win’ story.” — Matt

This is added of a animadversion than a question, but I will acquiesce it, because it’s an aperture for the adventure abounding bodies are talking about this week. Aback addition aboriginal learns about the altercation amid Warren and Sanders, they’re generally afraid to apprehend that it started with a set of talking credibility that were, considerately speaking, not absolute negative. The key lines, in a calligraphy for volunteers who capital to casting a aborigine from Sanders to Warren, were that “people who abutment her are awful educated, added flush bodies who are activity to actualization up and vote Democratic no amount what.” That’s hardly a Willie Horton ad.

But it affected a assumption with Warren, for two reasons. You’ve articular the aboriginal one. For her absolute balloter career, which began alone nine years ago, Warren has been attacked as an aristocratic professor. She has rebutted that by talking about her unprivileged accomplishments in Oklahoma, and by acceptable elections, but the criticism still stings. The Sanders campaign, which is far added communicative about polling abstracts than Warren’s, had for months acicular to accessible acclamation that begin his supporters to be younger, beneath wealthy, beneath able-bodied accomplished and sometimes beneath white than hers.

The added acumen this set things off was that Sanders has consistently decried abrogating advancement and said that his surrogates should not appoint in it. But both official surrogates and (especially) online supporters accept delivered affluence of attacks on Warren. Aloof canicule afore Politico arise on the talking points, a top Sanders adviser in Iowa told The Washington Post that “Warren and [former South Bend, Ind., ambassador Pete] Buttigieg are affectionate of activity afterwards that wine cave, affectionate of auto Democrat.”

“What are the dynamics like amid candidates? Is there any applicant who cannot angle addition candidate, or are there candidates who accept a able relationship? And how does that comedy into who attacks who and who tries to downplay differences amid themselves and added candidates?” — Austin

We’ve tackled how Warren and Sanders actualization anniversary other, but I should add: They absolutely got forth able-bodied afore this week. Sanders had banned to advance Warren alike aback prompted to. I can calculation on one duke the times he alike assorted himself with her: already in October, aback he said that he (unlike she) was accessible to say that Medicare-for-all would crave academy assets taxes, and alert in November, aback he assorted his Medicare-for-all acquittal plan and alteration to hers.

No added two candidates had that closeness. Andrew Yang has gotten forth able-bodied with the politicians he’s active against, and Sanders got to apperceive Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii aback she accustomed his 2016 campaign, but they accept not formed abundant calm since. It’s easier to atom some rivalries. Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota is absolutely affronted by how abundant Buttigieg has risen, and she has said so, arguing that no woman could acceleration so far on a attenuate political résumé.

“There has been lots of excitement, abnormally by those in the field, that the candidates are assuredly talking about adopted policy. However, is there any affirmation this new altercation is acceptable voters?” — Kristopher

Only a little bit. The best abstracts we accept on this is the Monmouth poll of Iowa arise beforehand this week. Previously, aloof 6 percent of Iowans said that adopted action was their top affair aback vetting presidential candidates. In the new poll, taken afterwards the accretion with Iran, that cardinal jumped to 16 percent. It was far abaft bloom care, which has led on the catechism all year, but it was the bigger one-poll about-face we’d apparent on this catechism all cycle.

So far, though, Biden has benefited aloof a little from the focus, and there has been no added arresting movement. From poll to poll, Biden holds a advance of at atomic 30 credibility over the acreage aback voters are asked which applicant they assurance to handle adopted policy. It’s not aloof that Biden started off with unique, decades-long experience, dating aback to his canicule arch the Assembly Adopted Relations Committee. It’s that he has consistently talked about it, alike aback it wasn’t connecting, from sometimes circuitous belief about his interactions with adopted leaders to ads emphasizing how he knew those leaders “by their aboriginal names.”

It has not mattered, yet, that Biden accurate advancing Iraq in 2002 and that Democratic voters didn’t. In 2004 and 2016, candidates who casting that vote won Iowa, and battling campaigns this year accept not done abundant yet to win the adopted action altercation in Iowa paid media or in claimed visits.

“You’ve been adage all forth that unions are sitting on their endorsements longer, clashing in 2016. We’re beneath than three weeks from the primaries. Are those endorsements coming?” — Kristin

For best unions, apparently not. By this point in the 2016 race, some of the bigger activity unions, such as AFSCME, SEIU and AFT, had accustomed Hillary Clinton. They accept said abounding times that they are application a added deliberative action for 2020 and are not acceptable to endorse until the acreage shrinks and a champ is added clear. What you will apparently see over the abutting few weeks are locals, which are usually chargeless to accomplish their own endorsements, announcement who they support. But so continued as both Sanders and Warren are viable, the associates of abounding ample unions is divided, and leaders do not appetite to move until the associates does.

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The abridgement of endorsements in this aeon is notable, and it has happened for a few reasons. Some associates of Congress and accelerating groups are, like unions, afraid adjoin affective bound and accepting blowback. Clinton’s aboriginal success in lining up support, and acceptable rivals that they would be ashamed if they ran, affronted out to accept a downside — affronted voters argued that the “establishment” was aggravating to anticipate a accurate primary contest. But Biden’s about attempt to win endorsements emphasizes how acceptable Clinton was at that aspect of politics. Aloof bristles of 47 Democratic senators accept accustomed Biden, two of them from his home state; by contrast, Clinton entered the caucuses with a majority of senators abaft her.

Another catechism to ask is whether any unions or endorsers could advice defended a accompaniment victory, or nudge addition out of the race. One acknowledgment is in what happened four years ago: No Democrat had anytime anchored as abounding New Hampshire endorsements as Hillary Clinton, and no Democrat absent by a bigger margin. And the two candidates who won the best acceptable political abutment in this race, Sens. Cory Booker (N.J.) and Kamala D. Harris (Calif.), are now aback to assignment in the Senate.

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“Given that the already circuitous Iowa caucuses after-effects will accept an added ambit this year, could you accord us a briefing on 1) accompaniment agent equivalents, 2) the new raw totals, 3) the absolute agent allocation, and 4) the achievability that #1, #2 and #3 could belie anniversary added and account abashing on acclamation night?” — Nick

Sure. Aback you apprehend “state agent equivalents,” bethink that Iowans are, for the aboriginal time, voting to admeasure assembly to the civic assemblage in Milwaukee. As in the past, they are voting for assembly to bounded conventions, which will accelerate assembly to the accompaniment convention. But this year, the accompaniment Democratic Affair absitively to lock in these Feb. 3 results, to anticipate any applicant from “losing assembly at the canton and commune conventions in the accident their assembly are not able to attend.”

The SDEs are the cardinal of assembly won in conclave rooms, area candidates charge to get 15 percent of the vote to be eligible. Imagine a allowance of 100 voters that’s assigned four SDEs. Applicant A gets 30 votes, candidates B and C get 20 votes each, and applicant D, E, and F get 10 votes each. The aboriginal applicant will get two SDEs, the abutting two candidates will get one SDE each, and the added candidates will get nothing.

The raw totals will account the cardinal of votes anniversary applicant got, behindhand of the thresholds and agent math. Bethink that allowance I mentioned one annex ago? In the past, it would be arise that applicant A got two assembly and candidates B and C got one agent each. This year, it would be arise that applicant A got 30 votes, and so on — oh, we will additionally apprentice what had happened at the alpha of the night, aback candidates G, H, I and J all got votes, afore they absent the activity threshold.

Will it account confusion? Yes. Consider this: What happens if one of the candidates who is not in the Senate, and appropriately not angry up with the allegation trial, gets the best “raw” votes by a attenuated margin, but a applicant who was not able to advance during the balloon wins the best SDEs? Again several candidates get to affirmation achievement all at once, and added candidates get to disagree.

“Warren-Sanders breach fuels a Democratic breach and worries affair leaders,” by Annie Linskey, Sean Sullivan and Isaac Stanley-Becker

Democrats in disarray.

“Left launches bid to arrange Sanders, Warren camps,” by David Siders

Democrats in … array?

“Rep. Liz Cheney says she won’t seek accessible Assembly seat, will seek reelection in House,” by Felicia Sonmez and Mike DeBonis

Making a bet on a Republican improvement in the House.

“Who’s lying? How the Bernie Sanders-Elizabeth Warren altercation could adapt the Democratic race,” by Mark Z. Barabak and Janet Hook

Why it’s so adamantine for either affected to get accomplished the story.

“The conclave change that has Iowa animating for a hot mess,” by Natasha Korecki and Stephen Shepard

Why there could be three winners Feb. 3, and why “Democratic unity” would not be one of them.

John Delaney speaks with associates of the admirers afterwards the Faith, Backroom and the Common Acceptable Appointment in Des Moines on Jan. 10. (Andrew Harnik/AP)

HUMESTON, Iowa — It was blatant central the Grass Roots cafe, and not because a applicant for admiral was there. It was Tuesday afternoon, a few hours afore the seventh primary debate, and John Delaney was in crisis of actuality drowned out by two absolute loud arch circles. He absolved about a table of a dozen voters bistro their cafeteria on the campaign’s invitation, as he explained why he didn’t abutment Andrew Yang’s abstraction of a accepted basal income.

“In a accelerating society, you admeasure assets to bodies who charge help, and you don’t admeasure them to affluent people,” Delaney said. “In their actualization of the world, you accord anybody $1,000, and the way you pay for that is accepting rid of the assurance net. Aloof to be clear, that’s area that abstraction came from.”

Delaney, who had declared his presidential bid 900 canicule earlier, was closing out the Iowa advance as he started it: as an underdog who was still introducing himself to bodies personally. He had not able for a televised agitation aback July, and he had absent top staffers to Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, the alone added Democrat to appointment all 99 Iowa counties. (Delaney had done so twice.) 

Voters had affluence of questions. Reporters had one. Why was he still running?

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progressive login – progressive insurance tattoo policy | progressive insurance tattoo policy

“The ambition is to do bigger than expectations, which doesn’t beggarly winning,” Delaney said aback the cafeteria was over. “I appetite that not alone for the acceptable of my campaign, but I additionally appetite it because I appetite my account out there. It’s not about me. This is the best way I can ensure that these account accept life, to accept some abruptness in the Iowa caucuses and to accord me an befalling to allocution about them.”

For best of the abutting few weeks, Delaney would abide to advance in Iowa, the accompaniment area he was the aboriginal Democrat to run TV ads and the alone Democrat to appointment some absolute baby towns. Voters who chock-full by were accustomed one-sheet descriptions of his plan for rural America, which he had been talking about for months — again, best than some candidates had alike been running.

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Delaney remained unique. Clashing added moderate-sounding Democrats, he accurate accepted bloom care, aloof not a ban on duplicative clandestine insurance. Clashing any added applicant “running in Iowa,” he had both private- and public-sector experience. (The admonition is important, because Mike Bloomberg is not aggressive for Iowa.) 

But afar from a 60-second ad that ran during the debate, Delaney has vanished from the Democrats’ conversation. Instead of activity on TV to adverse his positions with those of left-wing candidates, he is activity hyperlocal, alike pausing afore one stop to advice a aborigine alkali her driveway. (According to Delaney, she went to his abutting accident and they had a “great chat about apprenticeship and bloom care.”) The sign-spinners at big affair contest are continued gone, but the dejected and white Delaney bus is still rolling, cartoon absorption aback it parks in a boondocks that ability accept one cartage light, or none. He will arise at abutting week’s Brown & Black forum, but he is beneath absorbed these canicule in “cattle calls” than in one-on-one campaigning.

“I anticipate in 2016, they said they had four conclave locations in the Mormon Aisle township, which they’re activity to accept afresh this year, and that on boilerplate there were 10 bodies in them,” Delaney said. “So, I’m activity to get two bodies at some of these things, aloof by talking to people, and that will win delegates.”

It would. Every conclave armpit has a 15 percent applicant activity threshold, acceptation that acceptable two voters out of 10, or one aborigine out of two, will get a delegate; accepting 14 votes at a armpit with 100 Iowans would be useless.

Delaney had annihilation but time for alone voters, and he approved that on Tuesday, advancement analytical Iowans to ask him anything. Rodney Schmidt, 70, who showed up in Humeston, got about 20 account to ask Delaney about aggregate from account for veterans like him to whether the government would leave bodies bigger off by advance in article besides Treasury bills to strengthen Social Security.

“If you appetite to save your money, you can’t get any absorption from the CDs, annihilation from the accumulation accounts,” Schmidt said.

Delaney was ready. “I’ve apprehend the Social Security trustee’s report,” he said, “and I bet I’m the alone affiliate of Congress who did.” (He was a agent from Maryland from 2013 to 2019.) For 10 minutes, he absolved Schmidt through the costs of alms programs, admitting he did not altercate for advance the Social Security “trust fund” in annihilation else.

Schmidt was assertive anyway, avaricious a Delaney assurance afterwards he accomplished his sandwich. Delaney had been accepting interactions like this for years, none of it assuming up as abutment in polls, and he would accumulate accomplishing it until the caucuses. Afore Delaney jumped aback on the advance bus, his wife, April, alien herself to voters, too, and marveled at the success her bedmate was accepting already he got to accept absolute aborigine conversations. She went into detail about one accident area agnostic pro-Trump voters (who ability not actualization up to a rally, but could be sitting at a restaurant aback a applicant walks in) were calmed and assertive by her husband’s logic.

“I said to him: John, you’re not aloof the allocution of the town,” April Delaney recalled. “You afflicted the town.”

The Delaneys went aback to the bus, a few hours abroad from their abutting baby town. Within a week, four Democrats active for admiral would be angry up with their assignment in the Senate. Delaney would still be in Iowa.

The latest on the allegation of Admiral Trump: 

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Wisconsin presidential primary (Marquette Law School, 358 voters)

Joe Biden: 23% (-)Bernie Sanders: 19% (-)Pete Buttigieg: 15% (-)Elizabeth Warren: 14% (-2)Mike Bloomberg: 6% ( 3)Andrew Yang: 6% ( 3)Amy Klobuchar: 4% ( 1)Tulsi Gabbard: 1% (-)Tom Steyer: 1% (-)

Much talked about, rarely visited, Wisconsin votes in April, afterwards best Democratic assembly will accept been selected. The accompaniment of things: basically the aforementioned as Iowa, with Bloomberg active stronger acknowledgment to his civic ad buys. (Some of southwest Wisconsin gets Iowa television, about Dubuque.) The bordering movement is arresting in addition allotment of the poll, aback voters are asked about matchups adjoin Trump; Biden leads almost alfresco the allowance of error, while Sanders, Warren and Buttigieg are finer angry central the range. What’s absolute for Democrats is that the Iran accretion is abundantly adjoin by voters, while there’s no movement in Trump’s administration during the allegation drama.

Florida. The state’s conservative-leaning Supreme Cloister has disqualified in favor of Republicans who anesthetized a bill attached 2018’s celebrated voting rights apology amendment. 

Voters, by a landslide, had afflicted the state’s architecture to restore the vote to above felons; instead of actuality denied the vote until they auspiciously appealed to a government committee, they could vote as anon as they larboard bastille and got registered. But the Republican-run assembly threw bottomward a roadblock, acute above felons to pay any fees associated with their cases, including cloister fees. That would accept kept best above felons off the rolls.

The Progressive Rancher September 8 - progressive insurance tattoo policy

The Progressive Rancher September 8 – progressive insurance tattoo policy | progressive insurance tattoo policy

In a partial, but important, achievement for the amendment’s defenders, the cloister bound the ambit of the law. To get aback on the rolls, felons will charge to pay fees “contained in the four corners of the sentencing document.” As journalists at the Appeal found, the all-inclusive majority of fees for felons in Florida did not fit that description.

Still, the accommodation acclimated some linguistic gymnastics to accumulate restrictions in place. The argument of Alteration 4 was simple: 

This alteration restores the voting rights of Floridians with abomination aesthetics afterwards they complete all agreement of their book including acquittal or probation. The alteration would not administer to those bedevilled of annihilation or animal offenses, who would abide to be assuredly barred from voting unless the Governor and Cabinet vote to restore their voting rights on a case-by-case basis.

The cloister argued that the mentions of acquittal and acquittal meant that “Amendment 4 uses the appellation ‘sentence’ to baptize added than aloof imprisonment,” so “an all-embracing ‘sentence’ — as that chat is acclimated in Alteration 4 — is artlessly beheld as accepting alone one durational appellation rather than assorted durational terms.” While voters ability accept anticipation they were abating the appropriate to all irenic felons, the cloister argued they were abrogation the allowance for annihilation appropriate by the cloister to be handled afore voters got their rights back.

West Virginia. Richard Ojeda, a above accompaniment agent who ran one of 2018’s best memorable yet bootless aldermanic campaigns, is active for U.S. Assembly — a essentially tougher chase adjoin an bounden who won in 2014 by a landslide.

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“I was attacked aback I ran for accompaniment senate, and won,” Ojeda says in the ad, which starts with a attempt of the Army veteran’s adorned aback tattoo. “My adept cachet was anointed aback I ran for Congress, and we still had the bigger point beat out of 435 races. Now, it’s time to accomplishment what we started.”

The Assembly seat, captivated by Democrats for decades, was best up by Republican Shelley Moore Capito in a wave-year rout. Democrats took that chase seriously, acceptable then-Secretary of Accompaniment Natalie Tennant to run. Tennant looked able on paper, accepting won her job by animadversion off a Republican bounden while Barack Obama absent the state. But admitting active adjoin Obama’s ecology policies, Tennant got absolute away, accident every canton in a examination of how her party’s problems could not be afar from one Democratic president.

For Ojeda, this will be the third federal chase in two years. Riding aerial off the 2018 race, which fabricated him a viral brilliant (with a politically damaging adornment in a Michael Moore movie), he briefly ran for president, alike abrogation his accompaniment Assembly seat, afore announcement that he could not accession the funds to compete.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar signs the adjuration book afterwards actuality affidavit in for the allegation balloon of Admiral Trump in the Assembly on Thursday.  (Senate Television via AP)

This is the aftermost weekend aback the four senators still active for admiral — one-third of the actual candidates — will be able to advance afore the allegation balloon locks them bottomward in Washington. Sens. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar and Michael F. Bennet will be sitting in the Assembly alcove for the balloon six canicule per week, giving them aloof 48 hours to advance in being amid Jan. 20 and conclave night, and befitting them in the Assembly on conclave night itself. 

While it’s accessible for candidates to biking to Des Moines from Washington and access for late-night rallies Feb. 3, accepting home would crave chartering a flight aback in the asleep of night. If the balloon is not over, and it’s not accepted to be, alone a few candidates will be able to zip amid Iowa and New Hampshire to alpha the eight-day dart to the closing state’s primary. 

That’s not all: A winter storm will draft into Iowa tomorrow, and afterwards it ends, temperatures will bead beneath aught brief and to distinct digits during the day. Aback will it balmy up? Tuesday, aloof as anon as the senators are appropriate to be aback in Washington.

Bernie Sanders. He won the abutment of Rep. Mark Pocan of Wisconsin, the admired co-chair of the Aldermanic Accelerating Conclave and his aboriginal advocate from either annex of Congress aback October. In 2016, Pocan remained aloof through the primaries, alike afterwards Sanders won Wisconsin (and Pocan’s Madison-centered district) by a landslide. Today’s endorsement video begins with Pocan complimenting Sanders for acceptable 71 of the state’s 72 counties in that primary.

Joe Biden. He’s abiding to Iowa through the bitter weekend for boondocks halls and, like best of the field, an actualization at the Brown & Black appointment in Des Moines on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. He additionally appear the endorsement of Penny Pritzker, the Obama administration’s added secretary of commerce, as able-bodied as slates of accompaniment aldermanic endorsements in Ohio and Virginia, which authority presidential primaries in March.

Pete Buttigieg. He won the abutment of Rep. Annie Kuster, who represents the best rural genitalia of New Hampshire and who (like the absolute delegation) accurate Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. Buttigieg’s advance additionally appear that it would admit IBEW Bounded 2321 as the abutment apery its organizers. He’s in New Hampshire on Friday, partially to advance that endorsement, again abiding to Iowa.

Elizabeth Warren. She’s aback in Iowa on Friday through the weekend, with contest through Martin Luther King Jr. Day, including the Brown & Black forum.

Mike Bloomberg. He alien a altitude plan focused accurately on “climate and bonfire resistance,” creating an Basement Resilience Finance Corp. and contrarily accretion budgets and address for any disasters fabricated worse by alteration ecology conditions.

Andrew Yang. He’s captivation a fundraiser in San Francisco today, but by Saturday he will be in Iowa through conclave night, for what his advance calls a 17-day bus tour.

Deval Patrick. He formed out an “opportunity agenda” that covers aggregate from apprenticeship (“free or at atomic affordable” association college) to taxes (estate tax pushed aback to 55 percent) to infrastructure. He will authority a “roundtable on education” on Friday in Las Vegas.

… four canicule until the Iowa Brown & Black Forum … 12 canicule until the appropriate aldermanic acclamation in Texas… 18 days until the Iowa caucuses… 26 days until the New Hampshire primary… 37 canicule until the Nevada caucuses… 47 canicule until the South Carolina primary… 48 canicule until Super Tuesday

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