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WASHINGTON — Admeasurement affairs to Admiral Donald Trump. So abundant that he exaggerates continually, sometimes spectacularly, the admeasurement of what he does.

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Just as his tax cuts are far from the bigger in history, the abridgement isn’t the best anytime and his acclamation achievement in 2016 was no barrage of celebrated proportions, Trump’s two barter deals don’t angle aloft the acreage of presidential endeavors. One is a fractional adjustment of barter grievances with China; the added is a brace of what accomplished presidents created for North America.

The aperture of the Senate allegation balloon afflicted added fabrications from the admiral this accomplished anniversary while Democratic presidential contenders affianced in their final agitation afore the aboriginal votes of the 2020 campaign, in Iowa.

A sampling from a anniversary in political rhetoric:


TRUMP on his barter acceding with China: “This is the bigger accordance there is, anywhere in the apple by far.” — animadversion Wednesday at the signing.

TRUMP on the China accordance and his adapted North American barter agreement: “So we’ve done two of the bigger barter deals. They are the two bigger barter deals in the apple anytime done.” — animadversion at the White House on Thursday.

THE FACTS: Neither affirmation is true.

The China acceding is not about as big as the U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement, so it’s not the bigger ever, abundant beneath “by far.” The accordance with Canada and Mexico was an amend of the abiding North American Chargeless Barter Acceding formed out by Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

The North American acceding additionally is not the bigger ever.

For instance, 123 countries active the Uruguay Annular acceding that liberalized barter and produced the Apple Barter Alignment in 1994. The organization’s antecedent associates accounted for added than 90% of all-around bread-and-butter output, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston found, and that was afore China abutting the organization.

Also bigger: the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would accept abutting North America with Pacific Rim countries in freer trade. Trump took the U.S. out afterwards the accordance was adjourned and afore the U.S. ratified it. The European Union was formed from a behemothic deal.

The China accordance leaves tariffs in abode on about $360 billion in imports from China and pushes abundant actual disputes advanced to a additional appearance of negotiations.


TRUMP on China deal: “I did the bigger accordance anytime done in the history of our country bygone in acceding of barter — and apparently added things too, if you anticipate about it.” — animadversion Thursday.

THE FACTS: Trump is alike added berserk off the mark in apperception that his China barter accordance eclipses all added all-embracing agreements, alike alfresco trade.

The Montreal Protocol, aimed at attention Earth’s blast layer, was ratified by every affiliate accompaniment of the United Nations. A array of added agreements — on the rights of children, apple bloom standards, droughts — accomplished about accepted ratification. Added than 190 countries active the Paris accordance on altitude change, of which added than 180 accept ratified it. The U.S. is affairs out of it.



TRUMP: “‘We appeal fairness’ shouts Pelosi and the Do Nothing Democrats, yet the Dems in the House wouldn’t let us accept 1 witness, no attorneys or alike ask questions.” — cheep Monday, apropos to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

THE FACTS: Not true. The House Judiciary Committee, which produced the accessories of impeachment, arrive Trump or his acknowledged aggregation to come. He declined.

Absent White House representation, the hearings proceeded as things in Congress commonly do: Time is breach amid Democratic and Republican assembly to ask questions and appoint in the debate. Attorneys for Democrats and Republicans on the board presented the case for and adjoin the allegation accessories and associates questioned witnesses, amid them an bookish alleged advanced by Republicans.

The aboriginal annular of hearings was by the House Intelligence Board and resembled the analytic appearance of bent cases, conducted afterwards the accord of the accountable of the investigation. Trump cried abhorrent again at the abridgement of representation, again alone representation aback the abutting board offered it.

His attorneys will participate in the Senate’s allegation trial.


TRUMP: “You had a affected bigmouth that wrote a address that bore no accord to what was said. Everything was false.” — animadversion Thursday.

THE FACTS: Trump’s annual is false. The whistleblower’s annual of a buzz alarm amid Trump and Ukraine’s baton in July carefully resembled what was said, anticipation by the asperous archetype appear afterwards by the White House itself and by the affidavit of admiral who listened in on the call.

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Witnesses in the allegation hearings and added sources additionally absolute the whistleblower’s description of contest afore and afterwards the alarm as Trump and his aides apprenticed Ukraine to investigate one of Trump’s political rivals, Democrat Joe Biden. The Senate allegation balloon will analyze whether Trump abused his power.

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TRUMP: “In Wisconsin, the unemployment amount has accomplished its everyman akin in history.” — Milwaukee assemblage Tuesday.

THE FACTS: He’s citation anachronous figures.

Wisconsin did column a almanac low unemployment amount of 2.8% in April and May. But it has aback belted up and is now at 3.3%. That’s hardly lower than the U.S. boilerplate of 3.5%, but suggests that the accompaniment hit a asperous application in the boilerplate of aftermost year.


TRUMP: “More than 300,000 bodies beneath Obama, 300,000 people, larboard the workforce. Beneath aloof three years of my administration, 3.5 actor bodies accept abutting the workforce.” — Milwaukee rally.

THE FACTS: Trump is amiss about Barack Obama’s record.

More than 5 actor bodies abutting the U.S. activity force during Obama’s presidency, according to Activity Department figures. These assets reflect the accretion from the Abundant Recession as able-bodied as citizenry growth. Added than 4.8 actor bodies accept abutting the activity force in three years of Trump’s presidency.


TRUMP: “Under the Trump economy, the lowest-paid earners are accomplishment the biggest, fastest and bigger gains. … Balance for the basal 10% are ascent faster than balance for the top 10%, proportionally.” — Milwaukee rally.

THE FACTS: Actually, the top 10% of earners saw the bigger raises of any assets bracket over the accomplished year. Their accepted account balance jumped 8% or $168, according to the Activity Department. The basal 10% saw account incomes abound 7% or $30.

Over a broader ambit — the top and basal 25% — account balance additionally grew at faster amount for the wealthier group.


TRUMP: “We’ve created 7 actor jobs aback the acclamation including added than 1 actor accomplishment and architecture jobs. Nobody anticipation that was possible.” — Milwaukee rally.

THE FACTS: His numbers are almost right, admitting they are beneath absorbing than Trump claims.

Job assets beneath Trump over the accomplished three years were lower than during the final three years of Obama’s presidency. Added than 8 actor jobs were added during that aeon beneath Obama, including 1.2 actor accumulated in accomplishment and construction. What these abstracts beforehand is that abundant of the job beforehand beneath Trump reflects the drive from a accretion that clearly began in the boilerplate of 2009.



TRUMP: “We accept loopholes. Like a acceptance lottery. We put things in the lottery, and they appear in — they become American citizens. Do you anticipate these countries are giving us their finest? Oh, let’s accord them our best citizens.” — Milwaukee rally.

THE FACTS: This is a abiding canard from the president. Countries don’t appoint their citizens for the program. They don’t get to baddest bodies they’d like to get rid of.

Foreigners administer for the visas on their own. Beneath the program, citizens of countries alleged by the U.S. can bid for visas if they accept abundant apprenticeship or assignment acquaintance in adapted fields. Out of that basin of able applicants, the Accompaniment Department about selects a abundant abate basin of acting winners. Not all winners will accept visas accustomed because they still allegation attempt for a abate cardinal of slots by accepting their applications in quickly.

Those who are ultimately offered visas still allegation to go through accomplishments checks, like added immigrants.


TRUMP: “Mexico’s advantageous for the wall. … You apperceive that. It’s all formed out.” — Milwaukee rally.

THE FACTS: Mexico isn’t advantageous for Trump’s long-promised bound wall.

Trump has argued that the adapted barter acceding with Canada and Mexico will pay for the bank because of bread-and-butter allowances he predicts will appear from the deal. Nothing in the barter acceding would awning or acquittance the architecture amount or crave a acquittal from Mexico.

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BIDEN, on his aboriginal canicule in Washington: “I was authoritative $42,000 a year. I commuted every distinct aloof day to Wilmington, Delaware — over 500 afar a day, alibi me, 250 afar a day — because I could not allow … adolescent care. It was above my reach.” — Democratic presidential agitation Tuesday.

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THE FACTS: That’s a stretch.

Biden’s wife and babe died in a car blow afterwards he won a Senate bench in 1972 As a distinct ancestor alive far out of town, Biden ability accept faced steeper adolescent affliction costs than bodies who assignment locally do. But his Senate bacon — absolutely $42,500 — was account added than $256,000 in today’s dollars. That’s added than four times the boilerplate domiciliary income.



TRUMP: “I was the being who adored Pre-Existing Altitude in your Healthcare, you accept it now.” — cheep Monday.

THE FACTS: That’s false. Bodies with preexisting medical problems accept bloom allowance protections because of Obama’s bloom affliction law, which Trump is aggravating to dismantle.

One of Trump’s above alternatives to Obama’s law — concise bloom insurance, already in abode — doesn’t accept to awning preexisting conditions. Another another is affiliation bloom plans, which are aggressive to baby businesses and sole proprietors and do awning preexisting conditions.

Meanwhile, Trump’s administering has been acute in cloister for abounding abolition of the Obama-era law, including accoutrement that assure bodies with preexisting altitude from bloom allowance discrimination.

With “Obamacare” still in place, insurers in the alone exchange allegation booty all applicants, behindhand of medical history, and allegation the aforementioned accepted premiums to advantageous bodies and those who accept poor bloom or accomplished medical problems. Afore Obama’s law, any insurer could abjure advantage or allegation added to anyone with a preexisting activity who was gluttonous to buy an alone policy.


BERNIE SANDERS: “‘Medicare for All’ … will amount essentially beneath than the cachet quo.” — Democratic debate.

THE FACTS: There’s no acceding of that.

The detached Congressional Budget Office said in a address aftermost year that absolute spending beneath a single-payer arrangement like the Vermont agent and Democratic presidential applicant favors “might be college or lower than beneath the accepted arrangement depending on the key appearance of the new system.”

Those appearance accept to do with the architecture of the system, questions such as acquittal ante for hospitals and doctors, and whether patients are appropriate to pay allotment of the amount of their care. Sanders says his plan would crave no cost-sharing from patients, no copays and no deductibles. But absolutely chargeless affliction could activate a billow in appeal for medical services, adopting costs. Added countries that accommodate advantage for all do use cost-sharing to advice accumulate spending in check.

A analysis address aftermost year by the nonprofit Rand anticipate catchbasin estimated that a Medicare for All plan agnate to what Sanders wants would abundantly accession absolute U.S. bloom spending.



TRUMP, on killing Iran Gen. Qassem Soleimani: “The Democrats and the Affected News are aggravating to accomplish agitator Soleimani into a admirable guy.” — cheep Monday.

TRUMP: “You apperceive what bothers me? Aback I see a Nancy Pelosi aggravating to avert this monster from Iran … Aback Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats appetite to avert him, I anticipate that’s a actual bad affair for this country.” — animadversion on Jan. 9 at accident on ecology regulations.

THE FACTS: That’s a fabrication. Democrats did not acclaim or avert the Iranian general. They criticized the activity Trump took.

Pelosi alleged the U.S. missile bang “provocative and disproportionate” while branding Soleimani a “terrible person.” Similarly, Democratic presidential candidates criticized Trump’s action and the actuality he didn’t acquaint or argue Congress in advance, while authoritative bright they advised Soleimani annihilation but “wonderful.”

The Iranian was “a murderer, amenable for the deaths of thousands, including hundreds of Americans,” said Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Even so, Republican Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia asserted Democrats were “in adulation with terrorists” again abandoned the annual and apologized.

“I larboard genitalia of my anatomy in Iraq angry terrorists,” Democratic Sen. Tammy Duckworth of Ilinois, a above Army pilot who absent both her legs while confined in Iraq, told CNN afterwards audition Collins’ antecedent remarks. “I don’t allegation to absolve myself to anyone.”

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TRUMP: “Our aggressive has been absolutely rebuilt.” — Milwaukee rally.

THE FACTS: It hasn’t.

The administering has accelerated a aciculate accretion in aegis spending, but it will booty years for afresh ordered tanks, planes and added weapons to be built, delivered and put to use.

The Air Force’s Minuteman 3 missiles, for instance, a key allotment of the U.S. nuclear force, accept been operating aback the aboriginal 1970s, and addition started beneath the Obama administration. They are due to be replaced with a new version, but not until afterwards this decade.

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BIDEN: “I was asked to accompany 156,000 troops home from that war, which I did. I led that effort.” — Democratic debate.

THE FACTS: Biden is almost appropriate about bringing troops home, but he didn’t acknowledgment that the U.S. had to accelerate some back.

Obama did baptize Biden, his carnality president, to booty the advance in affairs U.S. armament out of Iraq and analogous efforts to advance adherence in Baghdad. His after-effects were mixed. Biden and Obama bootless to win acceding from the Iraqi government to accumulate a bound cardinal of U.S. troops there afterwards December 2011. That was the borderline for a complete U.S. pullout beneath a accordance adjourned by the Bush administration. Biden was still carnality admiral aback Obama was accountable to acknowledgment American troops to Iraq in 2014 afterwards the acceleration of the Islamic Accompaniment group.



TRUMP, on the 2016 election: “There accept been some abundant movements area somebody came forth and out of the nowhere, won the accompaniment of New Hampshire, won Iowa, won South Carolina bottomward the way, won a accompaniment someplace, but we won 32 states.”

THE FACTS: Trump won 30 states, not 32.

It was no landslide. He won with about 57% of balloter votes, a adequate allowance but no bigger than boilerplate or beneath average. Obama and Clinton anniversary won bigger victories alert and abounding added presidents outperformed Trump.

Moreover, Republican Trump absent the accepted vote to Democrat Hillary Clinton, a attenuate accident for a acceptable candidate.

Trump commonly inflates the cardinal of balloter votes he won, too.


WARREN: “The alone being on this date who has baffled an bounden Republican any time in the accomplished 30 years is me.” — Democratic debate.

SANDERS: “Just to set the almanac straight, I defeated a Republican bounden active for Congress.”

WARREN: “I said, I was the alone one who’s baffled an bounden Republican in 30 years.”

THE FACTS: Sanders wins this altercation — one of the drifter disputes of the night — by a amount of months. In November 1990, Sanders exhausted Republican bounden Peter Smith to booty Vermont’s alone House seat. That was 29 years and two months ago. Sanders’ win, technically, block in the 30-year window.


Associated Press writers Josh Boak, Paul Wiseman, Robert Burns, Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, Lisa Mascaro, Deb Riechmann, Jill Colvin, Colleen Long and Kevin Freking in Washington and Amanda Seitz in Chicago contributed to this report.


EDITOR’S NOTE — A attending at the accuracy of claims by political figures.


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